About Us

The Partners Workshop is the offspring of hands-on assists offered in a prenatal yoga class and the class’ desire to duplicate the very same comfort at home, given by the partners of the students. At the time, prenatal yoga was more than just yoga. It was different modalities combined. From yoga postures to roll ball therapy to Thai Bodywork to fascial release. There was so much added to each class to address each need or ail of the student, making each class uniquely crafted for whoever attended. Many of the times, students received specialized care that left them wanting more between classes.

“Can you teach my husband that thing you do in class?” That was all it took to set out to offer the workshop for three expectant couples. Taking it a step further than yoga postures and breathwork, The Partners Workshop transformed the experience for expectants to receive more physical support and comfort from their partners. It enabled partners to learn techniques to assist with common problems such as heartburn, inflammation, pains, and tightness.

And that is how The Partners Workshop started.