The workshop that equips your partner to help during your pregnancy. 

Every partner can use an extra tool in their support toolbox.


Everybody’s body requires different touch and technique in different times and places. The techniques are taught to adjust to the gestational body prior to the end of the 3rd trimester. 


Practice makes better. We aren’t striving for perfection as the birth experience isn’t something that can be perfected. However, the better you get at a using a tool from the birth toolbox, the more likely you can provide comfort at any point in the gestational and birth experience.


A Partner’s touch can surely be the most comforting thing to a gestational body. This workshop strives to give more key elements to improve the touch, fostering a deeper connection and more relaxation during the pregnancy. 


We provide
partner-specific aids for all your pregnancy needs and discomforts!

We realize the important role a partner plays in the release of the “happy hormone” oxytocin and the role it plays in the development of baby. This workshop specializes in the training any gestational partner to navigate and evolve with the pregnant body. We strive in taking the learning curve out of the birth room.


We provide creative solutions!

Each of the modalities offered in The Partners Workshop™ provided different areas of support and comfort for the ever-changing gestational body.  Combining all of the modalities 

Partner-Assisted Relaxation 

Relaxation can be enhanced when a partner knows tools to help a gestational body access a posture that may have become inaccessible due to the growth occuring in the body during the pregnancy. Practicing relaxation techniques with a partner can foster a greater connection between self and each other. 

Relaxation and Enjoyment is Mutually Important

While the workshop is geared towards helping the expectant, we strive to make the techniques fun, supported, and enjoyable. Who really wants to do tasks that are daunting, painful, and boring? No one. We provide key conditioning techniques to help the partner preserve their strength, body, and endurance, all while maintaining a loving and intimate connection with their gestational partner. 

Learn Poses that Spark the Bedroom Fire… 

The same thing that put baby inside the pregnant body, is the same thing that helps condition the exit entry way for baby to arrive. We honor the procreation that started the gestational experience. It is only right to give more postures and positions to bring a little extra fun to the bedroom. 

Host a Workshop 

Unlike traditional childbirth education courses, this workshop offers more key engagement during each trimester and compliments birth-related readiness workshops. Hosting this workshop will enable your pregnant clients to have more techniques to practice at home. The hands-on, tactical nature of this workshop fosters habits to be readily accessible in the birth place without much thought. 


Meet Our Instructors

Our instructors are excited about the gestational body, the process in which the body transfrom from start to finish, and supporting the physiology of m

Alleah Erica Clarke
Certified Partners Instructor

Yoga Teacher. Birth Coach. Photographer. Mom.

Since 2011, Alleah Erica has been vastly committed to helping expectants navigate their pregnancy by way of yoga. Becoming a Thai Yoga Bodywork practitioner, she wanted to help coach gestational partners to better assist the everchanging gestational body to help the birth place experience. She enjoys teaching moms and their partners new ways to enjoy their pregnancy journey. 

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